Safety Departments

Welcome to all things Safety for FreezerBurn 2020! If you have questions or feedback about a safety-related issue (fire, medical, event perimeter, rangers, sanctuary, or sound marshals) you are in the right place. Email the Safety AF.

Fire Frost City Safety Departments

First Aid
FreezerBurn’s first aid station is staffed by volunteers with medical training of varying levels. However, we encourage self-reliance. Bring your own first aid kit and medication to keep you comfortable and safe at the event. All medical interactions are anonymous unless the situation must be escalated to a higher level of care.

FETS (Medical)
Volunteers with advanced trauma skills are on call in case of an emergency, and EMS will be called for transport if needed.
The Freezerburn Emergency Team is on Facebook!

This safety team will be available for any questions or assistance regarding camp fires, burning art, and burn night effigy burn. Don’t be surprised if one of your friendly fire team members stops by to safety check your fire ring.

The area surrounding FreezerBurn event land is monitored by volunteers to ensure the safety and privacy of event participants from gate crashers.

Rangers aren’t cops and they don’t tell other participants how to experience their burn. Instead, they are a source of event information, can mediate conflicts between participants, and generally just provide a helping hand when needed. Freezerburn Rangers are on Facebook too!

If a participant is having a hard time in anyway (eg., stress from camp members, non-consensual interaction, relationship stumbles, or simply overwhelmed) there will be a sanctuary volunteer available to help you and listen. All sanctuary interactions are anonymous. We believe you!
FZB Sanctuary is on Facebook!


The date for our annual Hypothermia Safety Training will be announced soon.