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Art Update 11/2021

The FreezerBurn Art Team is pleased to announce that this year’s effigy for Weird Science is “Project ANATIDAE,” an art deco-style particle collider! Get ready for some performance art with this marvel of science! The Build Team consists of designer Neato and build manager CAPSLOCK. Thanks for the amazing design, Neato! We are super excited to see all the things you will create!

Build days will be:

  • Wednesdays 5-10
  • Sundays 10-6

 The build has already started. This year, the build will be at a private home. If you would like to participate, please join Slack and chat with our Build Team at We will NOT be posting the address publicly. It is imperative that you are fully vaccinated and have been verified with VaxYes completed in order to participate. If you have not completed it, please visit

If you want to submit art for the map or get support bringing art this year, fill out the registration form. Please note that the grant cycle has now closed, but we still want to know about all the amazing things that you will bring!

We are now filling Art Team on-site volunteer shifts: 

  • Running ART HQ 
  • Assisting with artist information and tours
  • Running a GIANT SPINART. 

Come sign up and have some fun with us. Register to volunteer here.


Registered Art: