About FZB

FreezerBurn Texas is a Central Texas winter regional arts event and community experiment. FreezerBurn 2023: Weird Science will be held on Jan. 13-16 at Valkyrie Ranch in Paige. See below for more details. 

Nov. 13 update

Upcoming Events

Register to Volunteer

Volunteer intake is officially open. Go to freezerburn.duplie.com to sign up! Keep checking back as new shifts and other volunteer opportunities are added. Questions? Email volunteer@fzbtx.com.

We Still Need a Few Good Leads

Effigy Build Foreman:

  • Coordinate all build plans and paperwork, coordinate volunteer tasks for effigy build days. Interested? Just hit “reply.” 

Conclave Lead:

  • Coordinate with Fire Lead to organize performers for burn night procession, recruit fire performers. If you’re interested, contact art@fzbtx.com.

Work Weekend #2 (Dec. 2-4)

Come on out to the land (Valkyrie Ranch) and help prep for the event! Camping is encouraged: Friday night through Sunday noon.

Everyone is welcome, and We especially need volunteers who have:

  • Chainsaws and/ or chainsaw experience for processing firewood for the event. 
  • 4×4 vehicles to help haul firewood.

If you’d like to camp in the shade, come and clear your camping spot in the trees.

Sign up on our registration document for the work weekend ESPECIALLY if you intend on eating provided meals (TBA).

  • If you have questions, please contact siteops@fzbtx.com.

Got Art? 

Second Art Grant Cycle is Now Open!

This time we are looking specifically for 2D and 3D visual art or large interactive pieces. (Not camp infrastructure. Not culinary.) Grants are limited to $1,000 each. Grant cycle timeline:

  • Applications due by Sunday, Nov 27 at midnight.
  • Decisions made by Dec 2.
  • Funds disbursed by Dec 9.

Apply for a grant (or just art placement) here. Questions? art@fzbtx.com.

Announcing the Weird Science Fair

Saturday afternoon on the effigy field: Bring a project board and/or demonstration to show off your mad science skillz! Register here.  

Land Updates

  • As we continue to develop the land, the Site Ops Team has set goals to make the property more accessible. If all goes well, we should have a one-way road for art cars can into the woods, past some art installations, and eventually returning to the main road at HQ Hill.
  • We are also exploring moving the effigy further up the hill to allow for more theme camps in flatter areas. Remember, if you want to clear a space to camp in the woods, come out for the next work weekend. See you on the grassy playa!
  • See attached map for details (ATTACH MAP FROM MONK)

Theme Camp Registration

Do you lead a theme camp that’s offering something to the community? Want dedicated space and to get listed on the map? Complete this form by Nov. 30. (Warning: This form is long! Here’s a PDF of the questions so you can come prepared: 2023 PDF Theme Camp Sample Form.)

Questions? Email cityplanning@fzbtx.com

Calling Artists, Designers, Doodlers

…for sticker submissions! 

Would you like to be the only person in the universe to get a free ticket to FreezerBurn 2023? Do you have a desire to see your design stuck to cups and beakers? If your design reigns supreme with our panel of esteemed judges, then you will be rewarded with the only golden ticket. Your design should be 2-3″ wide and 2-3″ tall at 300 dpi. A vector file also works great. Include the text “FreezerBurn” and “Weird Science” somewhere in the design. 

Email your design to comms@fzbtx.com by Friday, Dec. 2!

Thanks for helping us make this event go!

Oct. 16 update



Y’all asked; we listened. Here’s the clarification y’all wanted: Vaccinations still required.

All participants must be up to date with COVID vaccines and boosters. For FreezerBurn, this means you need to have had a booster within the past six months–or be newly fully vaxed (two initial shots) within the past six months. For “pre-event events” like Work Weekends, Effigy Build Days, Hypothermia, etc, you must be at least fully vaccinated (at the very least, possibly more at the discretion of the event lead).


We’re recruiting volunteers! We want to give money to artists! We want to help spread the word about your art! Learn more on the Art page.


  • Event Map: Interested in supporting the folks who make the event map? Learn about cartography and how to create the event map. The event map shows all the theme camp placement, the art placement and the infrastructure, effigy location, and all roads/paths throughout the event as well as entry and exit. Email siteops@fzbtx.com for more information.
    • Saturday afternoon on the effigy field. Bring a project board and/or demonstration to show off your mad science skillz! 
    • Weird Science Fair Registration
  • We’re also looking for one or two more Board Understudies. Help be responsible for all operations of our event and help nurture and grow our community. Nominate someone for Volunteerz AF or Board Understudy.

More to come soon! In the meantime, thanks for being part of our community.

Sep. 25 update

The General Ticket Lottery is now open! Get signed up here. Lottery closes at midnight on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Sept. 15 update

Art Ticket sales open at noon at https://qkt.io/FZB2022

Sept. 11 update

Hi, y’all. Here’s a recap of items we discussed at yesterday’s Town Hall.

We’re having an event! For realsies. We think. We hope.

We canceled FreezerBurn 2022 because case counts were spiking, the severity of Omicron was not yet known, a third of the FZB Leadership had active COVID cases in their homes two weeks before the event, and volunteers were voting with their feet in droves. 

This cycle, we’re taking measures to mitigate what we can. Of course, we will always follow federal, state, and local guidance about outdoor events. Fortunately, the severity of COVID seems to be down for many populations. We can anticipate that there will again be a post-holiday spike, so we’re working to build more cross-training and backups into our Leadership structure. This means making sure that each Team is led by folks who have enough social distance from each other immediately pre-event so they don’t share COVID cooties. 

Please be thinking about and sharing your thoughts on how we can help mitigate cancellation. How can we stand up volunteer shifts and critical staffing at all levels in a sustainable way?

To be frank, we can’t financially handle another cancellation without some pretty big support** or changes. So we’re doing everything we can not to cancel again. We want to hear from y’all about this. Please hit reply or talk to your volunteer Leads if you have thoughts.

**A related note about money.

We have been very intentional about minimizing unnecessary expenses, but costs necessarily incurred during two years of canceled events eat into our very tight operating budget.

If you have the means and inclination, consider donating to the Art Fund or General Fund for Art Community Builders, the nonprofit that organizes FreezerBurn here: https://bit.ly/fzbdonate

Vaccinations still required. 

All participants must be up to date with COVID vaccines and boosters. This is true for both FreezerBurn and “pre-event events” like Work Weekends, Effigy Build Days, Hypothermia, etc. We are discontinuing use of VaxYes to gate ticket sales to save money. (We may still use it at the physical gate to enter the event.) 

Land: We have a home for a while! 

We’ve signed a five-year contract with Valkyrie Ranch. We value this partnership and can’t wait to see it grow.

This event is powered by volunteers. Volunteers like you!

All Teams need volunteers! Learn more about the Teams and Departments here: https://fzbtx.com/volunteer/. We’re working on improvements to the volunteer onboarding process, but for now email volunteer@fzbtx.com to get connected. 

We’re still looking for 1-2 more Board Understudies. Relevant experience would include work with non-profit/volunteer organizations, or just an interest in how we run things! Nominate yourself or someone else here: https://bit.ly/fzbnominate 

One other potential change this year is that we are considering maybe officially starting the event on Thursday evening– if and only if we have strong volunteerism. So tell your friends!

The info you’re looking for: Tickets! 

If you already have a ticket, you’re good to go! 

Not sure if you do? Email tickets@fzbtx.com

Don’t have a ticket?

  • General Tickets ($125): We will release these via a lottery using Quicket, like last year. The lottery will accept entries Sept. 25 to Oct. 1.
  • Art Tickets ($200): These will be sold first come, first serve. (No lottery for Art Tickets.) Sales start at noon on Sept. 15 and will enable us to do another Art Grant cycle. 
  • Volunteer Tickets ($125): We’ll also have a robust pool of Volunteer Tickets. Talk to your lead or email volunteer@fzbtx.com.

There’s a possibility of a fire sale in late December or early January if Volunteer Tickets are undersold.

Reminder: There are no more Vehicle Passes, but RV Passes ($25) are still required for anything over 25 feet.

Upcoming Dates/Deadlines:

Hypothermia (our big annual training for the Safety Team) is scheduled for November 4-6 at Valkyrie Ranch. RSVP to the Facebook event if you’re into that kinda thing. Otherwise stay tuned for more details. 

Keep an eye out for more dates for Work Weekends, Come Chat with FreezerBurn Leadership social events, Art Grant application deadlines, Theme Camp registration deadlines, and more.

More to come soon! In the meantime, thanks for being part of our community. 

Contact us: board@fzbtx

Facebook: FreezerBurn Texas

Twitter: @fzbtx_news

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta, a Canadian Regional Burn: Their website is at http://www.freezerburn.org. We are not associated with that event, but we have common values and names. It’s a small world, after all.