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FreezerBurn Texas is a Central Texas winter regional arts event and community experiment. 2020 was our twelfth year, and our 2021 event was canceled. See below for more details. 

July 2021 update:

A decision about FreezerBurn 2022 has not yet been made. We’re monitoring conditions and speaking with members of the community as well as our volunteer leaders and various experts. We will make an announcement around the first of September.

In the meantime, art tickets for “the next FreezerBurn” have been on sale since the fall at: https://www.quicket.com/events/107834-freezerburn-texas-2021. The art grant donation amount is doubled for this set of tickets. These tickets will close July 10 as we pause to reevaluate our next steps, so snag them now if you want to ensure your next trip home.

If you have the means and inclination, we also currently have a fundraiser open at articexpedition.org/fundraiser to help us cover costs associated with having to reschedule ARTic Expedition twice, due to the insurrection and then the devastating winter storm. This will also close July 10. (Already given? Check back for newly-added goodies!)

If you’re looking for something to do, consider this: FreezerBurn has traditionally had an amazingly high volunteerism rate, but we’d need to double down to make this burn feasible. If you want to do something to try and make it happen, think on what department you might like to volunteer with. Ping leads you’ve worked within the past, or reach out to new ones. Let them know you’re on board. (Not sure which group to volunteer with? Contact the Volunteerz Team at af-volunteer@fzbtx.com and they can help you find the right fit.) Burnout is real, and the next burn we stand up will be a little extra challenging.

By the way, if you purchased tickets to ARTic Expedition but did not make it to the land, email tickets@fzbtx.com by July 10 if you want your event swag.

September 2020 update:

We are canceling FreezerBurn 2021. We hope that the next FreezerBurn will be in January 2022.

Art ticket sales to the next FreezerBurn are still open, and they’ll remain open. The reason we’re leaving art ticket sales open is the reason we opened them in the first place. We want to support art and artists in this challenging time.

Art grants are open now. Apply before Sept. 30 and be sure to include an artist’s fee if it would help you get through the lean times. 

We are still exploring the possibility of a distancing-oriented, drive-through event on land on that same weekend we would have had held FreezerBurn in January to feature the art that we’re funding this fall. 

We are also exploring how to repurpose Hypothermia, our normal pre-event safety training, into a virtual event to help spread burner skills that are relevant to the world we live in right now. 

August 2020 update:

Full art grant application details are now available.

July 2020 update:

Art tickets are now live on the Quicket site. These special edition tickets cost $170, doubling the art donation per ticket to $80.

Art grant applications are currently open and will be considered on a rolling basis. We will be prioritizing funding art that will be shown at art safaris in our default world communities as well as at our next FreezerBurn.

Want to talk? Check out our Facebook community.

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Contact us: board@fzbtx.com

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta, a Canadian Regional Burn: Their website is at http://www.freezerburn.org. We are not associated with that event, but we have common values and names. It’s a small world, after all.