About FZB

FreezerBurn Texas is a Central Texas winter regional arts event and community experiment. We are planning to hold FreezerBurn 2023: Weird Science. See below for more details. 

August 19 update

Mark your calendars, we’re having a Town Hall! We’ve already chosen this year’s theme (Weird Science!), but come meet FreezerBurn leadership and chat about everything event-related. We’ll be ready to talk tickets, pre-event dates, and Teams & Departments you can volunteer for.

When: Saturday, September 10, between 11-3

Where: Virtual and in Austin (exact location TBA)

More details to follow! 

By the way, we’ve started getting questions about tickets! If you had tickets to the canceled 2022 event, you have tickets for FreezerBurn 2023. 

Have a ticket? Great:

  • If you are able, consider making a donation of your ticket amount back to the org for pre-sale access for 2023. (In other words, donate the amount you paid for your ticket back to the org, and we’ll make sure you have the option to purchase a new one in its place as a “thank you” for helping keep us afloat during a financially challenging few years.) We have been very intentional about minimizing unnecessary expenses, but some still exist and eat into our very tight operating budget. Please email tickets@fzbtx.com if you’d like to do this.
  • If you have a Volunteer Ticket, you are expected to fulfill your volunteer commitment, which varies by Team and Department.
  • Don’t want your ticket anymore? Feel free to sell it. (Any tickets sold for more than face value will be voided without refund.)

Don’t have a ticket yet?

We’ve already sold a good chunk of our tickets, but we’ll be announcing if/ when we’ll be selling more at Town Hall. 

Not sure if you have a ticket?

  • You can look through your emails for an email from Quicket with the subject line: “Your tickets for FreezerBurn Texas…” — The last few words might vary depending on when you bought them.
  • You can log in to Quicket and see if you have tickets.
  • If neither of these work for you, email tickets@fzbtx.com and we can manually look it up. (We’re still turning the lights on, so don’t expect an immediate response… but we’ll get to everyone when we can.)

See you soon!

-ACB Board

July 8 update:

Come Chat with FZB Leadership (aka Where the Fuck is Actual?)

Hey y’all, we’re having another get-together this weekend. Come hang out!

Town Hall

We want to hear from you: What should we do for Town Hall? Take our super short survey.

Volunteers Needed

Want to help shape our event? We’re looking to fill key roles in FreezerBurn Leadership now! 

  • Friendly reminder: Our search for a new Volunteerz AF is ongoing! The Volunteerz Area Facilitator is a 365 position, responsible for wrangling all the generous and helpful humans who make it possible for Art Community Builders to build FreezerBurn Texas and other community events. 
  • We’re also looking for one or two more Board Understudies. Help be responsible for all operations of our event and help nurture and grow our community. 

Nominate someone for Volunteerz AF or Board Understudy.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: board@fzbtx.com 

Stay safe. Stay frosty. Stay in touch.

–ACB Board

June 13 update:

Hey, everyone, mark your calendars! We’re back to planning for FreezerBurn 2023. We’ve got a few events coming up if you’d like to come out and chat with FreezerBurn leadership or just visit with fellow burners. 

Where the Fuck is Actual?

Saturday June 18 

Sunday July 10 

Volunteers Needed

We’re also looking for a new Volunteerz AF. The Volunteerz Area Facilitator is a 365 position, responsible for wrangling all the generous and helpful humans who make it possible for Art Community Builders to build FreezerBurn Texas and other community events. The Volunteerz AF leads “Human Resources efforts,” discovering what skills and resources are required for projects, Teams and Departments, connecting willing participants and available services to them, supporting the software and onboarding needs to help individuals and projects succeed, and coordinating hospitality for training and retreat events.

Nominate someone for Volunteerz AF (or Board or City Manager) here: https://forms.gle/RvGrKNTA9rJAiaXg8

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: board@fzbtx.com 

Stay safe. Stay frosty. Stay in touch.

–ACB Board

Jan. 6 update:

Hey, folks. After looking at the latest Omicron data, monitoring critical local resources, and speaking with the FreezerBurn Leadership in-depth, we have determined that holding FreezerBurn in 2022 is not feasible. We will go home again. We will burn again. It will just take a little longer than we had hoped. But we will return stronger.

If you have a ticket to “the next FreezerBurn,” here’s what you need to know.

  • All tickets are now automagically for our MLK Day weekend event next year. The dates are Jan. 13-16, 2023. We have added a formal postponement date: If we have to postpone due to a pandemic surge or any other reason, the backup dates are Feb. 17-20, 2023.
  • If you have a Volunteer Ticket, you are expected to fulfill your volunteer commitment, which varies by Team and Department. If you are unable to fulfill this commitment, talk to your Department Lead. The ticket will need to go to someone who can. As an all-volunteer-run event, we take this very seriously. (Any Volunteer Tickets resold to folks who don’t meet the expected volunteer requirements may be voided without refund–as well as impact your ability to get Volunteer Ticket access again.)
  • If you no longer want your ticket, there are two ways to sell it. (Remember that any tickets sold for more than face value will be voided without refund.) We do not offer refunds.
  • If you have the means and inclination, you can donate the cost of your ticket back to the org for pre-sale access next event cycle. We have been very intentional this cycle about minimizing unnecessary expenses, but there are still some sunk costs (like Hypothermia) and annual operating costs (like our storage unit and software costs) that we necessarily incurred. Please email tickets@fzbtx.com if you’d like to do this.

Depending on a variety of factors, we are still open to hosting an alternate (think: non-burn) event in 2022. As always, our door is open. If you want to talk, reach out: board@fzbtx.com 

Stay safe. Stay frosty. Stay in touch.

–ACB Board

Dec. 27 update:

Two weeks ago, we were so close. Volunteer numbers were looking stronger. Science, weird and otherwise, was doing its job in a stellar fashion. Then Omicron hit–a giant unknown–right in time for our “December decision point” meeting. We were encouraged by our industry experts to wait for more data. And we’re glad we did. Less glad for the data.

Thank you to all of y’all who gave us data and input. Thank you to the 34 of y’all who sent us your thoughts via email. Thank you to the 17 members of FreezerBurn Leadership or Safety Leads who had one-on-one chats with us. We’re taking this decision very seriously, and we wanted to hear from as many of y’all as possible.

The data, quantitative and qualitative, tells us that having FreezerBurn in January 2022 is not feasible. Current projections put Omicron peaking right in time for MLK Day weekend, and we don’t know entirely what that will mean for the local resources we depend on. Volunteers have voted with their feet, and we’ve lost coverage of crucial shifts. More than a third of the FreezerBurn Leadership has an active COVID breakthrough case in their household.

We continue to believe in the safety of large outdoor events with vaccine requirements. In the next few days, we’ll be working with FreezerBurn Leadership to look at calendars for February, March, and April. We want to welcome y’all home. We want to burn. We want to do it the right way. And with y’all’s support, we think we can.

Thank you to all who have signed up for volunteer shifts. Thank you to all who have expressed interest in bringing art or theme camps. Thank you to everyone who has stepped into leadership roles and put their blood, sweat, and tears into building and nurturing the community. We hope you’ll stick with us through the rescheduling–and keep speaking up and weighing in. This community is you–and you and you and…

Stay safe. Stay frosty. Stay in touch.
–ACB Board—

Yay, you read this far! We have questions and want your feedback.- If we have a burn that’s not in January and on MLK Day weekend, should we call it “FreezerBurn” or give it an alternate name?
– If you already have a ticket to “the next FreezerBurn,” would you want to save it for our next January event? Or would you want to use it for a February/March/April burn? 
– Are you boosted yet?

Dec. 23 update:

As y’all know, we’re closely monitoring the numbers and the research, and we’ll be meeting again Monday to make a decision about January’s event. We welcome y’all’s qualitative input too. Whatever your role, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us at board@fzbtx.com.

Dec. 17 update:

FreezerBurn Leadership and Safety Leads met this week to reassess the state of January’s event based on the rate of volunteerism as well as the pandemic status. We need more data. We will check in again on Dec. 27. In the meantime, keep filling those volunteer shifts. We can’t do this without you.


Here’s where we are for volunteers for the event: 

We still need volunteers, and Volunteer Tickets are still available. The requirements vary by Team and Department. Sign up for your shifts sooner rather than later to manifest the event you want to see: https://bit.ly/FZB22vol (No, seriously, YOU can make this event happen by volunteering. See above.)


We want your ART! To be included on the map as well as the guided art tours throughout the burn, be sure to fill out the FZB Art Intake form: http://bit.ly/FZB22art. This magically little form also connects you to folks who can help support your art! 

Art Cars: Department of Mutant Vehicle (DMV) registration is here! Only registered and inspected Art Cars can be driven during the event. Let us know what art cars you’re bringing and sign the DMV Agreement ahead of time: https://bit.ly/dmv22 

Theme Camps

Theme Camp registration has been extended to Dec. 24. Make sure you get yourself registered! https://bit.ly/FZB22camp 

FreezerBurn Work Weekend 2

We’ve got one more Work Weekend scheduled for Jan. 7-9. We’ll be doing some brush clearing, pulling stumps, flagging and final touch-ups. Food included if you register here: https://bit.ly/fzbww22. Facebook event is here: https://bit.ly/fzbwwfb (Note: This event is concurrent with Loadout. We need bodies in town. We need bodies on land. We need bodies all around.)

Nov. 30 update:

Upcoming Deadlines


Here’s where we are for volunteers for the event: 

Remember: When we reassess in December, we’ll be relying on strong volunteerism to proceed with the event. You can help two ways:

Volunteering does not guarantee a Volunteer Ticket. However, if you volunteer, you’ve got a better chance of getting one! The requirements vary by Team and Department. Inquire within. 

The Communications Team is looking for designers! Email comms@fzbtx.com if you want to help with the following:

  • Team and Department Logos
  • Survival Guide – experience with print layout preferred (InDesign, booklets, newspapers, etc)
  • Artified City Map 
  • Volunteer Badges

Minor Tickets

Want to bring your kid to FreezerBurn? If you have adult tickets, you can add Child and Minor Tickets by going through this process. 

  • The first step for both Minor Tickets (age 5-17) or Child Tickets (age 0-4) is to email tickets@fzbtx.com by Jan. 3.
  • For Minor Tickets (age 5-17), your kid must be fully vaccinated–with medical exceptions. We’ll walk you through the vaccine verification process.
  • For both Minor Tickets (age 5-17) or Child Tickets (age 0-4), you’ll need to fill out some basic legal paperwork.

Have questions or concerns? We’re happy to talk. Email board@fzbtx.com to set up a time.


With COVID vaccine boosters now approved for all adults, we’ve been getting some questions. We will maintain the original vaccination requirements for “fully vaccinated.” Boosters are encouraged but not required. 

Vehicle and RV Passes

We are doing away with Vehicle Passes, but you must purchase an RV Pass for any vehicles over 25 feet. If you need to add an RV Pass to your ticket purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://qkt.io/FZB2022 
  2. Click the green TICKETS button.
  3. Select Art Fund or General Fund and enter $1 to continue.
  4. This will take you to the next page, where you can purchase the RV Pass.

Upcoming Event

Where the Fuck is Actual?

Well, at Little Darlin at 1pm on Saturday, Dec. 18. Got something you want to talk to the FZB Board or Leadership about? Just want to come get to know folks better? Join us for a food and/or drink and/or chat. Vaccinated folks only please.

Can’t make this one? We’ll do these sporadically around town.

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/4gyNWDZi4.

Nov. 18 update:

Work Weekend

FreezerBurn is entirely volunteer driven! Help make it go by coming to our Work Weekend, Dec. 3-5. Get to know the land, and prepare it for the event. Camping is encouraged, but you’re also welcome to come out for just a few hours on Saturday. Our main objective this weekend is road repair and some light land clearing/maintenance. Hypothermia is the same weekend in the same place. Please register for one event only so we have an accurate headcount. To be included in meals, register by Nov. 19: https://bit.ly/FZB22ww 

Facebook event: https://bit.ly/FZB22wwfb 


The Effigy Build is underway as of this week! Sign up for a Build Day and learn more here: https://fzbtx.com/art/. Build day events are on Facebook: https://bit.ly/FZB22buildwed and https://bit.ly/FZB22buildsun

Sticker Contest

Calling artists, designers, doodlers for “The Next FreezerBurn” official sticker contest!

Would you like to be the only person in the universe to get a free ticket to the next FreezerBurn? Do you have a desire to see your design stuck to cups and beakers? If your design reigns supreme with our panel of esteemed judges, then you will be rewarded with the only golden ticket.

Your design should be 2-3″ wide and 2-3″ tall at 300 dpi. A vector file also works great. Include the text “FreezerBurn” and “Weird Science” somewhere in the design. (Please do not include the year, as we will make a decision whether or not to proceed with the 2022 event in December based on the rate of volunteerism as well as the pandemic status.)

It should be delivered by email to comms@fzbtx.com by Monday, Nov. 29!


Lots of folks have already signed up to volunteer–We appreciate you! We need adequate volunteers to make our “go/no-go” decision a “go” in December, so please sign up: Volunteer for FreezerBurn 2022.

Theme Camps

Theme Camp leads, where’s the best place to communicate with you? Take our super short survey now: https://forms.gle/r5Dw2qhkktZCeyth7. We’ll be launching a new channel next week.

Oct. 21 update: 

Registration for Hypothermia (Dec. 3-5) is now open! Hypothermia has been the interdepartmental Safety Training for FreezerBurn. Many Safety departments require training in order to volunteer. While this event’s primary objective is to facilitate those Safety Trainings, this year we hope to provide relevant trainings from the other volunteer teams and departments that make this event possible. Register by Oct. 31 at bit.ly/FZB22hypo.

Oct. 20 update: 

Art Placement and Grants

Whether you’re bringing big art you want on the event map, or looking for help funding the creation of your art piece, we’ll ask you to fill out our Art Intake Form here. Art Grants close Nov. 8.

You can also join the Art Facebook group here.

Effigy Proposals

We’re accepting effigy proposals through Nov. 1. Selection will be made by Nov. 6 so that our amazing effigy team can get to building.We have experienced Build Leads, which means if you have a great idea but aren’t quite sure how to implement it, we have resources for you! Capslock and Neato are both excellent at making ideas into 3D plans and then sound wooden structures. They are here to help you learn to manage a build project and team in order to bring your ideas to fruition.

For an example of what a previous proposal looks like, check out this document.

To submit your proposal, please email  and include:

  • Theme relation (may or may not affect final vote)
  • Calculated and thought out budget of supplies needed
  • Detailed drawn out build plan (including overall size)
  • Build schedule with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% build goals
  • Safety plan including burn plan
  • MOOP plan
  • Transportation arrangement (to and from the city) plan
  • Interactivity
  • Plausibility (Can your design ACTUALLY work? Gravity is real!)

For questions, or to be added to our Slack, email .

Effigy Build Team

Interested in building and/or following effigy progress? Interested in helping with temple build? Always wanted to get into making big art but at a loss how? Want to learn how to use power tools? We want you too, as well! Everyone starts somewhere, and being part of a community build is a great way to learn. You can put in as little or as much time as you like.

Email  with the email address that you would prefer to use for Slack, and indicate if you are interested in helping with building the effigy, the temple, or both.

For the latest, check out the Art page.

Oct. 19 update:

The lottery is now closed. We had requests for 847 tickets and we’re releasing 380 tickets in this window.

If you entered the lottery, be sure you’re already vaccine-verified through VaxYes (https://bit.ly/FZBvax) to avoid missing out on any tickets offered to you. You need a vax-verified email address for each ticket you purchase.

If you entered the lottery and were randomly assigned a spot near the top of the queue, you’ll receive an email tomorrow morning from Quicket. You’ll have 48 hours to purchase your tickets.

If you entered the lottery and do not receive an email from Quicket tomorrow morning, continue to keep an eye on your email. If folks don’t purchase their tickets for whatever reason within the allotted 48 hours, Quicket will offer the tickets to the next folks in the queue. (Based on the numbers of vaccine-verified folks vs the number of folks who entered the lottery, this is likely to happen.)

If you do not receive tickets from this lottery, but you still want to attend the event, your best bet is volunteering with a department offering access to Volunteer Tickets, buying a ticket from someone who is reselling one, or if we decide to do a December ticket release. (Based on the rate of volunteerism as well as the pandemic status, we will make a decision whether or not to proceed with the event in December. If both conditions are looking good, we could potentially decide to sell more tickets.)

Oct. 3 update:

Hey, folks. Here’s more information about the items we covered during our virtual Town Hall. 

First of all, we are moving forward with trying to hold a January 2022 FreezerBurn. It would be held Jan. 14-17 on Valkyrie Ranch in Paige. 

Thank you to the 400 of y’all who participated in the community survey, here’s what we learned: 

  • 47% support waiting until 2024 or later to resume FreezerBurn. 
  • 68% support temporarily scaling back the number of tickets as a safety measure. 
  • 80% support requiring testing at gate. 
  • 80% support requiring proof of vaccination to purchase tickets. 

Based on y’all’s feedback, we are requiring that participants are fully vaccinated (two doses plus two weeks) before they can purchase tickets–with medical exceptions. Participants in in-person pre-event activities (like work weekends, build days, or Hypothermia) will also need to be fully vaccinated. For medical exceptions, email board@fzbtx.com. More on vaccine verification below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Town Hall and helped us select the theme for “the next FreezerBurn!” Without further ado, it is: Weird Science!


Due to the large demand indicated by the community survey, we will institute a lottery for General Tickets this event cycle. The General Ticket lottery is now open. You may enter it until midnight on Sunday, Oct. 17. To enter the lottery, go to https://bit.ly/FZB22lottery.

If selected in the lottery, you will need a vaccine-verified email address for each ticket you purchase. We recommend starting the VaxYes verification process no later than Thursday, Oct. 14, to ensure you are verified in time to purchase tickets.

Art Tickets are sold out.

There will be some changes to the cost of tickets this year. General Tickets will be $125, and Art Tickets will be $200. We are doing away with Vehicle Passes, but you will need a $25 RV Pass to bring any vehicle over 25 feet into the event.

For Minor Tickets (age 5-17) or Child Tickets (age 0-4), email tickets@fzbtx.com

Vaccine Verification

We are using VaxYes for vaccine verification. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Have your CDC vaccine card and a photo ID ready
    • We recommend you take pictures first and crop them. Size limits apply.
  • On your mobile device, go to https://bit.ly/FZBvax. (If you plan on going to an in-person, pre-event activity, please use https://bit.ly/FZBvolvax.) This process only takes a few minutes.
  • You’ll receive an email from tickets@fzbtx.com confirming you are verified and with a link to the Quicket ticketing site. Use the same email address for VaxYes as your Quicket ticket purchase so we can verify your status. You will need a verified email address for each ticket you purchase. (These are batched each day, so stay tuned! If you aren’t finding the email, be sure to check your spam folder.)

Need help? 

Important Note 

In December, we will reevaluate conditions, both in terms of the status of the pandemic and how we’re looking in terms of the volunteer base and volunteer signups. We’ll meet with our volunteer leaders and decide whether to proceed with the event. Other reasons why we might cancel in December include if we’re at Stage 4 or 5 in Austin or other major Texas metro areas, local/state/federal prohibitions on large gatherings, etc.

If we’re moving forward, we’ll also decide whether or not to sell any additional tickets. This decision will depend heavily on volunteerism, so please spread the word! Nominate yourself or others for leadership roles: https://bit.ly/FZB22noms. Sign up to volunteer here: https://bit.ly/FZB22vol.

If we do cancel, we will not refund tickets but rather roll them over to our next event. You are able to sell and transfer your ticket. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at board@fzbtx.com.

September update:

Mark your calendars! We’re having a Virtual Town Hall on Sunday, Oct. 3, at 1 pm.

We had an incredible response to our community survey—more than 400 submissions! Thank you for your feedback. We listened to what you had to say, and we’re going to announce the results of the survey at the meeting—as well as the path we’re charting because of it. 

We’ll also pick a theme for “the next FreezerBurn” during Town Hall. Got an idea you want to present? Email news@fzbtx.com and let us know to help us plan.

You can join the virtual town hall here.

August update:

We know you’re anxiously awaiting news about FreezerBurn 2022, and the answer is we’re still continuing to monitor conditions. We also need to hear from you, our community, before we make a final decision. 

It is important for us to get a pulse on how we can all work together to make everyone feel safe at future burns. FreezerBurn doesn’t happen without you.

Please take five minutes to complete our anonymous survey at fzbtx.com/community-survey. We will use your feedback to figure out next steps. Look for an announcement around the first of October.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to work behind the scenes to organize and plan so we can return even stronger. One way we’re doing this is reevaluating our communications channels. (We now have a Twitter, @fzbtx_news!)

Thank you for being part of our community, and for your continued support.

Also: Our hearts are with the Louisiana community. If you’re looking to volunteer, reach out to Burners Without Borders Austin at facebook.com/atxbwb.

Contact us: board@fzbtx

Facebook: FreezerBurn Texas

Twitter: @fzbtx_news

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta, a Canadian Regional Burn: Their website is at http://www.freezerburn.org. We are not associated with that event, but we have common values and names. It’s a small world, after all.