FZB Art Grants

In light of the current situation, we’ve chosen to start an art grant cycle. You might be asking: “What’s the point, if we don’t know when the next FreezerBurn might be?”

While we might delay FreezerBurn 2021, we can’t sit idly by during this  important time.

Art Community Builders is now accepting grant proposals for art that is timely and topical. Funds permitting, we will fund several projects quarterly. There are no restrictions on media. If your art can be installed in a residential yard, we will feature it in an art tour. If not, we will host it virtually. Public health situation permiting, we will host funded projects at FreezerBurn or another event.

We will be placing special emphasis on funding projects by people of color. All submissions, from within or outside the burn community, are welcome. We encourage any artist to apply.

Guidelines for submissions can be found here.

If you’d like to donate to the Art Fund, you can do so via PayPal.

Art Community Builders is entirely volunteer-run and has minimal overhead costs. All of your donation will go to fund art.

We appreciate your patience, as we grow our scope and mission into these new areas. If you have any concerns or feedback, drop us a line at board@fzbtx.com.