Each year, we print a sticker–designed by a member of the community–for every participant. The selected artist will receive two free tickets to FreezerBurn! These are the ONLY free tickets given away. Even the Board has to buy their own tickets! This is just another way of showing our thanks to our artists of Fire Frost City. We love y’all!

The deadline for submissions is October 20. Our esteemed panel of judges will have multiple board game battles, rock-paper-scissor wars, and countless eeny-meeny-miny-mo decisions to make before announcing the chosen design on Oct. 24 (burner time, y’all).

Sticker Design Details
-Between 2-3″ wide by 2-3″ high (or 2-3” diameter) square, rectangle or circle.
-Leave 1/8″ bleed around edges for cutting purposes
-.tif, .eps, .psd, .jpeg or .png files
-MYK, 300dpi or vector-based
-Incorporate “FreezerBurn 2018” and “Duck stuff”

Please send your art to FZBStickers2018@gmail.com. Include your name (legal or playa) and the title of your art.

Keep in mind: The better quality the submission, the better the final sticker design will look. Not all tiny details and colors translate well through the mediums. Anything deemed offensive or vulgar will probably not be chosen. This is a vision of Freezerburn through an artist’s mind. Let’s try not to show off our more troll-like sides 😉

The final art will be distributed to all event participants as a sticker. A larger, professional print will be framed and gifted to the artist! Runnerup designs may be included in the Survival Guide, website and elsewhere–all with credit to the artists, of course.

Have questions? Contact Ducky at AF-Art@fzbtx.com! QUACK!