Sticker Design submissions will be considered each year and the selected designer will receive 2 tickets to FZB!

The cut off date for submissions will be Oct. 31, 2016. Our esteemed panel of judges will have multiple board game battles, rock/paper/scissor wars, and countless eeny-meeny-miny-mo decisions to make until they announce the design on Nov. 6, 2016.

Please submit all your sticker art in PDF format to AF-Art@fzbtx.com. All submissions should be between 2-3” x 2-3” or 2-3” diameter (Square, rectangle, or circle please). High resolution scans or vector graphics accepted. Pretty much, the better quality the submission, the better the final sticker design will look. But keep in mind during your designing that not all tiny details and colors translate so well through the mediums! Also, anything deemed offensive or vulgar will probably not be chosen. This is a vision of Freezerburn through an artist’s mind. Let’s try not to show off our more troll-like sides 😉

A sticker with the final art decided upon will be distributed to each ticket holder and a larger professional print will be gifted to the artist and displayed on the art gallery wall during Freezerburn for all to see! Other submissions will be chosen to be part of our yearly survival guide and may be placed in various spots on our webpage (with credit to the artists of course)

Please send your submissions or any questions to Ducky at AF-Art@fzbtx.com!