Rangers are an important part of making this whole burn go!  They are fellow participants who volunteer their time to help anyone in need find the help they are looking for.   They help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody by facilitating communication and conflict resolution.

Rangers are not cops and we don not tell other participants how to experience their burn.  Instead, they seek out and mediate conflicts between participants, stuff like when tents or equipment gets set in somebody else’s theme camp space and all the billion other everyday frictions that start most personal conflicts.

A great Ranger is a friendly helper with good communication, they’re a creative mediator that builds solutions with the help of the community, and a responsible person who’s interested in making friends and building relationships. Since Rangers can simultaneously enjoy the event and directly help their community, being a Ranger can be a tremendously rewarding experience. (Lots of theme camps love feeding Rangers as well.)

Rangers must be sober for their shift and it’s really important that we make sure we conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Aside from that though, the vast majority of what we really do is walk around, making ourselves available to participants, raising awareness of resources and upcoming activities, answering questions, and basically just ensuring everyone is doing well. (For a more in-depth discussion on What Is A Ranger, visit the Black Rock Ranger’s “11 Points of Rangering”.)

All that being said, we depend on your help! We have over 60 shifts to fill our small Ranger crew. All you need to volunteer is to have been to a burn before and to have been to Ranger training in the last 12 months (Safteyside and North Texas Ranger Trainings count!). You can email the Ranger lead with any questions, or to let us know that you’re ready to expand your burner resume and take on a new role in the department.

Volunteer sign ups and shift schedules will be added to the site closer to the event. Updates will be posted here, to the FZB Ranger email list, and to our FZB Ranger Facebook group.

~Ranger Wulff, Freezerburn Ranger Lead 2017

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