June 2020 Art Grants

Art Community Builders seeks to support new and established artists through education, funding and curation. We seek to further awareness of the whole range of human emotion and experience, with special emphasis on the voices of people of color to create a community that fully embraces everyone. 

Projects will be funded on a rolling basis.

What kind of art are we looking for?

Our top priority is providing resources to help artists fund their creations and facilitate moving from idea to reality. Additionally, all art must be publicly viewable, either at FreezerBurn, another approved event or a forthcoming distributed art tour. Beyond that, there are very few limitations. We love to see interactive environments, challenging viewpoints and art that incorporates performance. We’re also open to more traditional media, like sculptures and murals. We are especially interested in seeing pieces that address the many big and small ways the tapestry of our country is being rewoven. It should go without saying, but we will not fund the purchases of intoxicants of any kind.

What should you include in your art grant?

  • Artist statement
  • Name and description of your art piece
  • Materials list and cost
  • Sketches or photos
  • Build/fabrication timeline
  • Installation plan
  • Security plan if necessary (do you have expensive or potentially dangerous components that shouldn’t be left unattended?)
  • Safety Plan (if you have combustible art)

If you would like your art to be seen at FreezerBurn or a similar event, please include: 

  • Storage plan (in case we postpone FreezerBurn 2021)
  • Transportation plan
  • Removal plan

If you would like your art to be seen on a distributed art tour, please include:

  • Where you will display your art
  • Distancing protocols
  • Sanitation protocols

    If you have any questions or to submit your art grant proposal, please email Destiny/ Chaos Magnet at af-art@fzbtx.com. We look forward to seeing your submissions!