Ice Rabbit Spins Report


FZB TownHall was a success! We had games of chance and rivalry. We had a fair theme contest despite countless offers and bribes. FZB Igloo members know how to townhall! Here are the highlights:

FZB 2014 Theme:           SCORCHED SNOWFLAKE
Theme Runner-Up:       JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG

NEW LOCATION:            Spirit Haven Ranch

The big secret is out: FreezerBurn is moving to New Land! Spirit Haven Ranch is more than twice the size of the old property and will allow us to grow the event slowly and safely. We can’t wait for you to see the new land. Work Weekends will be scheduled soon so volunteers can help us maintain the land ahead of the event. The new land will offer a unique canvas to display your art in sacred groves of nature. See the ART AF for more info!

POPULATION CAP: We have adjusted the Max Pop Cap to be 723 participants. This is higher than our population last year and lower than our theoretical Max of 800. This is Controlled Growth. The LLC is taking a more sustainable standpoint with this new relationship and is focusing on building a long term relationship with the Council of Magickal Arts (501 c3).

Theme Camp Registration Is NOW OPEN:
Work with the FZB City Planning team to help you get placed on the new land in the best spot for your camp to do its thing. Registration is the first step.


Ticket Window: NOW until 7 days before event, Jan.12 @ midnight
Ticket Price: $50+service fees
All Tickets Will Be Pre-Sale, Will-Call Tickets Only. NO GATE SALES.
Please Communicate This To Your Friends So EveryOne Knows!

Contact you are interested in volunteering for a team.
We have many new volunteer opportunities with the new land.

The Frozen Art Collective LLC believes that Safety is a prevailing requirement that must be met in order to make this event go. ALL of these changes in this announcement have been made with this in mind. We are taking big steps to eliminate unprepared participants. We joke about Safety 3rd but we are taking it very seriously. The LLC believes in you, and has your back. This is why we elected to make this transition, but we can’t do it without you!


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