FZB2016: An LLC Message on Parking

Hello citizens of FireFrost City!

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the parking situation at this year’s event. The quick and easy of it is that nothing has changed. As per usual, you arrive at greeters, get greeted, go to set up your camp, and move your car up to parking within 2 hours.

Some people prefer to camp in their vehicles, and these are allowed to stay in camps (theme camps or open camping), so long as they are at least somewhat decorated AND are approved through the theme camp lead as part of their infrastructure (if part of a theme camp). Throwing a tarp on a car is not sufficient for this, but a small shade structure, some lights, and even tapestries can go a long way to beautifying your vehicular lodging. Once a car has been sufficiently artified, it is no longer seen as a car. This also means that it is NOT to be driven during the event.

Additionally, there are folks who prefer to camp in RVs. There is a designated RV camping area for those not already registering their RV as part of a theme camp. There are no RV hookups available for use, and you are responsible for providing your own power, water and waste disposal. RVs will be placed by our city planning team onsite, to help minimize issues with getting stuck, so be ready to follow their directions, regardless of what the “plan” might be.

Touching on that last point, a lot of the apparent confusion over parking sprang from a post featuring our primary method of entry to the event in a full-on low-water-crossing flood and calling for participants to adhere to the 2 hour parking rule. Now, this has been a huge year for flooding, and in our community, we’ve suffered a lot on that front. So as event organizers, we are looking at worst case scenarios involving water, and trying to mitigate that as much as possible.

Also, car camping is NOT allowed in the parking lot. There is simply not enough room to allow for anything more than parking. While we cannot stop you from walkilng back to the parking lot (in dry conditions) and sleeping in your parked car, you will not be permitted to set up any sort of camp infrastructure like chairs, tables, or shade structures.

If we see flooding like what’s in the pictures, nobody is going anywhere. You will be stuck on whatever side of the bridge you are on. It does not matter if this happens as everyone arrives on Friday, or if it occurs Monday morning before folks are heading back to their day jobs. You will have no choice but to sit and wait. We will do what we can to make any such scenario as safe and pleasant as possible, but it may muck up the “plan”, and we will certainly need your cooperation in order to help things go smoothly.

Finally, the parking policy is fully listed (to a lesser degree of verbosity) in the survival guide (http://fzbtx.com/survival-guide/). Please read this guide in its entirety. This is a requirement to attending our event, and there will be a quiz at the Greeter station.

Thank you for reading this far. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at llc@fzbtx.com.

On behalf of Artful Endeavors, LLC,


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