Department of Mutant Vehicles

This is a newly acquired department under our Art team this year! We are currently in need of a DMV Lead. If you’re interested, please contact Ducky at

A bit of a disclaimer, Freezerburn encourages traveling by foot at our event. Even bicycles will have difficulty traversing the event grounds as this event is rocky, uneven, muddy, coated in mesquite, and generally unpaved. We respect Mutant Vehicles as artistic expression and we will work with you if you follow DMV regulations.  Be aware that weather and environmental conditions are always in flux, and your Mutant Vehicle might not ever be the same for having been brought out to this event.

Upon arrival at the event, the owner of the mutant vehicle will be required to read and sign our regulations concerning safety and expectations of responsibility.

Give us a heads up that you’re coming using the form below 🙂