Effigy Submissions

The Effigy is the center of our energies at our events. It embodies our volunteerism, our artists, our goals, our aspirations, our hopes for the future and our memories of the past. For many in the community it is a burning symbol of who we are and what we exemplify. The burning of the Effigy brings the entire community together at the heart of the city for a culminating flash of our newfound experiences and friends. Yet it also reminds us that nothing is permanent. It’s a profound experience no matter how you decide to interpret it.

The Art Community Builders and FZB Community are proud to help support the Freezy DAFT (FZB Design and Fabrication Team) that builds the Effigy each year. This year we will be accepting Effigy proposals until Sept. 24, 2018. The final design will be voted upon and announced on Oct. 5, 2018 (burner time).

Effigy submissions will be voted upon based on the following criteria. A well planned build makes for an easier execution!

•Theme relation (may or may not affect final vote)

•Calculated and thought out budget of supplies needed

•Detailed drawn out build plan (including overall size)

•Build schedule with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% build goals

•Safety plan including burn plan

•MOOP plan

•Transportation arrangement to and from the city plan


•Plausibility (Can your design ACTUALLY work? Gravity is real!)

Any questions on effigy submissions can be sent to Chris at AF-Art@fzbtx.com.





2015: The Frozen Mammoth by Just Monk 

Frozen Mammoth for 2015: More Fuzzy Hats. Cloned from frozen DNA and built from wood the ancient world is brought back to life in the flames. Just Monk led the FEFT Team to build one of the greatest Effigies many of us have ever seen! Look at these pics! Congratz Monk!

2014:  Snowflake Temple by Stash & Shortcake

The Snowflake Temple was built for FZB 2014 “Scorched Snowflakes.”  It was an octagonal temple with a snowflake-inspired base.  It featured a gas fireplace, pretty lights, and art displayed by members of the community.  Built by Stash, Shortcake, Donut, Ross, Linda, and CheeseWiz.

2013:  TetraQuetra by Giggity


A perfect Tritetraquetrahedron was designed and built by our very own Giggity!  This effigy’s abbreviated name is TetraQuetra. This was the effigy for FZB 2013 “Krampus Rampus.”



2012: Ice Yeti by Monk 

Check out this monster that has been constructed! Guess what? The burn ban has been lifted! With the latest rain we are looking really good to have a great burn! We are a GO!








2011: FireSpirit by Damian 
Inspired by interstellar visions and erected in record speed this effigy is impressive and is going to look great on fire! This is still a work in progress photo:


2010: Old Man Winter by Monk! 
The Old Man was very cold and hard to ignite but when it finally started (thanks to Treg and Trigger) it was a sight to behold!