The Development of Art

is a founding principle of the Artful Endeavors LLC that organizes FreezerBurn Texas. We provide the event as a canvas for participants to paint their colors and build ALL THE THINGS! We challenge YOU TO CREATE the art that you want to see and bring it to the event!  The LLC is happy to announce that we have two BIG Art Grants to gift to the community for FreezerBurn 2018 as well as smaller grants for smaller projects!  This is an invitation to seriously consider bringing art of all forms to FreezerBurn be it performance, costume, painting, photography, mutant vehicle, sculpture or effigy! The more art tickets bought by the YOU, the more grants we can gift!

We are all artists and we strive to create a city full of our vision of the world. We want to raise the bar for art at FreezerBurn and we are prepared to help!  These art grants will support artists who want to make new art or bring their art to the event but are lacking support to do it.  If you want to burn it, we can work with the FZB Fire Department and make it happen!



Art grants will be awarded to artists with a clear vision for their project and a plan for how to execute setup, takedown and mooping of their art at the event.  Provide as much detail as possible about your budget and expected expenses including transportation to and from the city. Describe your build plan in 25%,50%,75%,100% stages and possibly even dates so that it is clear when the project will be complete.



Submission Deadline:  TBA

Final Art Grants will be announced:  TBA

Send Art submission questions to


Art Grant Eligibility:

•In order to redeem an Art Grant you must have a ticket to FZB.

•All Art Grant form submissions must be completed by Sept. 30, 2016.  Incomplete submissions and half-baked projects will not be considered.

•Be accessible, physically and operationally, as in readily approachable and present during the event.The project must be operational Friday and Saturday.

•It must have an aesthetic quality or artistic intention. It must also have a responsible party, who represents this project to AE LLC  and to the community. To avoid conflict-of-interest concerns, the responsible party may not be a FZB Lead, an Igloo or a AE LLC member.

•It must follow safety guidelines, have a plan that addresses safety concerns, and must comply with the survival guide and any AE LLC  instructions at the event.

Art Grant Payments:

Grants will be paid with a check to the responsible individual when the grant is accepted and an art grant contract is read, signed and returned. Only qualified expenses will be considered. Each art project is required to have a self-funded component and must operate independently of AE LLC.

Qualified expenses include:

•Raw materials needed for the construction of your project.

•Consumable materials that will be depleted in the construction or operation of the project.

•Rental of equipment.

•Transportation expenses can be awarded to existing out-of-state projects only.

Unqualified expenses include:

•Capital expenditures for equipment that will be used for projects outside the scope of this Art Grant. For example, AE LLC would not fund a new projector, generator or sewing machine, but we can help you rent one.

•Payment for any project participant’s time

•Anything that, in the opinion of the Art Grant Committee and/or AE LLC presents an unreasonable safety hazard to participants.

Thank you!