The Development of Art is a founding principle of Art Community Builders of FreezerBurn Texas. We provide the event as a canvas for participants to paint their colors and build ALL THE THINGS! We challenge YOU TO CREATE the art that you want to see and bring it to the event!  The Board is happy to announce that even more Art Grants are available to gift to the community for FreezerBurn 2020!  This is an invitation to seriously consider bringing art of all forms to FreezerBurn be it performance, costume, painting, photography, mutant vehicle, sculpture, or effigy!  The more art tickets bought by YOU, the more Art Grants we can gift! Art tickets will go on sale in advance of the general sale for $120, with $30 going directly towards Art Grants.

We are all artists and we strive to create a city full of our vision of the world. We want to raise the bar for art at FreezerBurn and we are prepared to help!  The Art Grants will support artists who want to make new art or bring their existing art to the event but are lacking the support to do it.  If you want to bring burnable art, we can work with the FZB Fire and Safety Departments and make it happen!

Stay tuned for grant details, including eligibility requirements, deadlines and more.