Financial Update 2015

The Frozen Art Collective LLC wants to share another financial update with our community, in accordance with our principles of financial transparency.  Attached is a public snapshot of our current YTD 2015 ledger showing income and expenses.  We have included Ticket Cost Breakdown diagrams going back to 2012.

FAC 2015 Financials

  • Formed after 2012 FZB Event
  • 2013 Incident, Moved to New Land, Legal Fees, Porta Costs, Savings
  • 2014 Insurance Costs, Porta Costs, Safety and SiteOps Spending, Savings
  • 2015 Legal Defense, All teams spent more, More Infrastructure, Porta Costs, Event Insurance, No Savings
  • 2016 Land Cost Increase, Infrastructure Costs, Land Maintenance, Safety Equipment, Carts, Legal Defense
  • 2016 Ticket Price Increase to $70 Base
  • 2016 Art Funding with Art Tickets

Special salute to the LLC board members stepping down:  Toby HellKitty, Hawk Kati Taylor and Brently LeatherDaddy.

Thank you to all participants and volunteers who step up and help make this Go!

See you at FreezerBurn 2016:  Road to Valhalla!

Frozen Art Collective, LLC

Eazy Tom

George Pinot

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