The Frozen Art Collective LLC feels that financial transparency with our community is ethical and in line with our founding principles.  Before we enter into the next event and before we submit for BurningMan Regional status we are posting financial details for 2013 and a look to the future for 2014.

Attached is a public snapshot of our ledger that dates back to 2011 showing income and expenses.  We have included Ticket Cost Breakdown diagrams for 2012 and 2013.

Before FZB 2013 we were slightly cash positive and used this for event insurance and LLC formation.  Our event costs ended up being $2900 in excess of land fees, up from last year (~$1550) but still reasonable.  Record high turnout last year.  Ticket money paid all event costs.  See Ticket Cost Breakdown diagram.

After all 2013 expenses, net profit was $790, and this was saved for 2014 to secure the new property and pay for event insurance.  Remaining event expenses for 2014 will be paid for with ticket sales.  We raised ticket prices to help pay for new services and infrastructure for 2014.

With the new land is coming lots of new costs, some of which we took for granted at RecPlant.  The cost of services and vendors has changed and we’re adapting to our new environment.  Ticket proceeds will fund all of these services:

  • Land Rental
  • Full Portopotty services
  • New Gate services
  • Infrastructure Equipment Rentals
  • Infrastructure Transport Truck
  • Safety medical equipment rental
  • Entry Signage
  • Safety Lighting
  • Radio rentals
  • Effigy Build Materials, Construction
  • Effigy Pyro Fireworks
  • Effigy Transport trailers
  • Fuel for Infrastructure and Effigy
  • New 2014 FZB T-Shirts
  • Ice Truck Services

Thank you to all participants who keep this event alive.  We also thank AAR LLC for their assistance through the years and generous use of the Flipside warehouse during FZB Effigy construction.

See you at FreezerBurn 2014:  Scorched Snowflakes!

Frozen Art Collective, LLC

 FZB2014 Budget