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FZB 2019 Theme Camp Registration has ended. Check out the announcements below, and check back here for updates as the event nears. We’re on new land this year! We will make every effort to work with each camp to ensure smooth placement.

City Planning PSA: Greeters will be a two step process this year. Your first stop is at Greeters (no change there), then you will get a Placement / Land briefing at the ZoneCzarHQ, which is co-located with Greeters; info includes land orientation / Maps, updates on conditions, and finding your camp site, and Placement Specific information.

Please note the following considerations:

– Pay attention to city Signs and stay on the main ONE-Way road unless you have been cleared by the Placement Team.
– Please stay on the main road until guided to an unloading zone (CAUTION: water saturation and retention in hidden areas).
– ZoneCzars will be positioned at each Zone Color Entrance to help you with placement. They are there to help, and to relay critical messages about land conditions.
– Please be patient, remain flexible, and just take a second to breath. We’ll get through this.

Recommend: carts/dolly/wheeled assist for off-loading infrastructure, waterproof boots, extra long tent stakes, clothing bags that are water tight, tow straps, wind resistant tent, bravery, perseverance, fire-pit that is max 36′ diameter, and 6″ off the ground (or other heating device), lower tire pressure to the lowest factory recommended psi pallets / removable floor material.

Avoid: waiting until later to secure your easy up or structures; leaving up easy ups during high wind conditions; driving on the road while it’s actively raining; going off the main road or designated parking areas if you don’t have to; getting upset at volunteers.

Please be advised, all placement is subject to change with little or no notice. Please check back here periodically to ensure you have the most up to date map, and information on land conditions.

Theme Camp Guide

Artemis Rising: final Art Map
Final Art Map – 8751×7966 (44mb / jpg) better
Final Art Map – 14,000×13,000 (307mb / psd) best


Artemis Rising: final Placement Map
Final Placement Map – 18400×18400 (27mb / png) best


“Are you not entertained?”
– ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From your City Planning Team

The RV and trailer icons on the map are for planning and coordination purposes only. We won’t know for sure what the land can handle until we get a little closer to the event. If it keeps raining like it has been, most RV’s and large vehicles will have to go in designated areas, and all vehicles will most likely be restricted to the main road (the yellow path), which means:

  • ALL Camps, especially those on the effigy field, must have a plan to get infrastructure in and out of your camp without vehicle support
  • Bring carts, dollies, wheeled platforms, wagons, and plenty of hands
  • Be flexible and ready to work with the ZoneCzars and Placement teams

**** Register your RV, Camper, Car Camp, or Large Vehicle HERE:
( ****

All RVs, Campers, and other vehicles that you require to camp with will be required to register with and be placed by City Planning:

*** Due to historic water saturation on the land, RV’s, Campers, and ALL Vehicles (cars you are sleeping in, trailers, trucks, box trucks, etc.) will be placed in a designated vehicle area. *** (Please register your RV / Camper / Vehicle — AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)

– If you are camping with your vehicle, placement is subject to City Planning placement onsite
– ZoneCzars will work with you to place your RV / Camper / Vehicle upon arrival
– Are you with a Theme Camp? Please ALSO include your RV / Camper / Vehicle in your camp’s Theme Camp application

If you have experience parking large RV’s, City Planning needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to assist the Zone Czar department with parking RV’s and Campers upon arrival.

City Events Submission

Do you have planned activities at your camp? If so, please register your events on the FZBTX Events Schedule so we can compile and share this information with the community! Go HERE to review current responses.


It was a beautiful Work Weekend in December, with a week to dry out from the last rain event. This off-road capable truck, with 15,000 horse power, and anti-gravity tires STILL got buried as a result of subterranean water pockets. Not even the bobcat was spared. 
Please be prepared to stay on the main road and make sure to bring carts, dollies, wheeled platforms, and plenty of hands!
Theme Camp Submissions (coa 20 Nov 2018)!
Klub Duck PolyJamorous Boil Your Water Camp The Dacha
Zebra Safari The Sparkeasy Circle of Water/Fire Dept Low-Key Vulgar
Behind the Shrug Black Ring Coffee Minority Camp
Robot Pirate Island
Easy Bake Coven Let’s Be Frank Ecstatic Hearts Camp Bare Bear
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GINGER CAMP! CampApathy
Camp Broken Things
Dick Moves™ Dick Moves™Dick Moves™ Dick Moves™Dick Moves™ Dick Moves™
Ultra-Luxury glAMPing
Soup to Putts Micro Lounge Camp Onesie
House of Sue Hookah Hoop Lounge High Noon Lumination
C.F.T.R.D. Zion Communal Kitchen Good Vibe Tribe So Sassy
Spontaneous Jambustion Blue Bar Camp Payaso
Bigly Imagination
Burners Without Borders Camp No Promises Canvastic Fantastic
Mentalcase’s Volunteer Cafe
T.H.O.T.s & Prayers Bar and Grill Tourist Camp Shiny Camp
Butt Putt Disco Fantazy
Bass Camp Board Camp CLANIMAL
Guerrilla Cheese Camp
CamPink Rising BurninGlam Good Vibe Tribe LED Unicorn
Temple of the Steaming Pot The Brimstone Society Shark Tank
Our Temp Is Rising
Straight Up Bag O Cats Swamp Fuck-Its Aquanaughties
Temple of the Purple Yoni Sweat Dreems Lodge. Bizzarnival GreeterCamp
Spaceside Seaship Camp Casbah #SavePelicanCamp

FZB2019 Peach Creek — Composite drone image (note: scale adjustments result in distortion)

Terraforming the Land (Work Weekend III)

We broke ground on the Peach Creek land over the weekend (Work Weekend II, 31 Aug – 2 Sep), and began crafting what will become our new city canvas. Thanks for those that came out! Please enjoy this Gallery of our efforts.

New Land!!: Peach Creek

City Planning Team

City Planning Area Facilitator: Waldo – odlaw[at]artisinformation[dot]com
Placement Lead: Rltvty – placement-lead[at]fzbtx[dot]com
Theme Camp Liaison: Dahling Sweetiepoo – placement[at]fzbtx[dot]com
Greeters: Liz Creme / Jordan S.
Signs: Sean M.
Zone Czar: Meagan B / MC Thug Life
GIS Support: OPEN
Art Map: ElonGated

City Policies and Guidance

Rain Rules

Any amount of rain may cause large vehicles to become stuck in theme camps and open tent camping, especially campsites on the southern edge of the property and the northeast open camping area. ALL Drivers Are Required to Adhere to the Rain Rules

    • Stay on the paved road, stay alert and DO NOT go around road blocks, DO NOT drive into Theme Camps!
    • Do not move your vehicle during or after a rain event
    • Do not attempt to park your vehicle in the City, Zone Czars will help to ensure correct placement
    • If your camp is not directly accessible via a main road, coordinate with Zone Czars for assistance
    • You may be required to haul in your camp from the road, so be prepared (dolly, cart, etc)!
  • You may be required to pay for a tow truck if you become stuck

In case of rain *** There will likely be a limited amount of space for car and RV camping due to water saturation. Even if the land looks dry, it can still be rather squishy. Large and heavy RVs will be subject to placement in a designated area. If you end up deciding to bring your RV, please ensure you coordinate with the on-site placement/parking teams. They will have the most up to date information about the land conditions and parking availability.

Fire Rules

All Fires and/or fire activities will need to be registered with the FZB Safety department, or risk ejection from the event.

CAMP FIRES must be kept within fire pits at all times.

  • Pits must be six inches off the ground and 10 feet away from all trees/ large foliage.
  • Fires must be kept under 3ft in height
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or a five-gallon bucket of water available at all times.
  • Keep all combustibles at least 15 feet away.
  • At least one representative must keep the fire in safe operation parameters at all times; i.e. UNDER 3ft in diameter, unless you have been otherwise cleared.
  • If the smoke or odor emission becomes offensive or objectionable, you will be required to extinguish the fire. Ashes must be removed from the land at the end of the event.
  • Only use firewood from the county, and do not use treated wood.

BURNING OR BURNABLE ART must be registered with the Art Department and be within reach of a fire extinguisher at all times; this includes any artwork, structure, or vehicle that produces flame or heat.

CAMP STOVES are permitted. Monitor them closely, as you would any other open flame.

FIRE SPINNERS should have a person acting as a spotter as well as a fire extinguisher, water and/or towel with them.

SOUND POLICY: Quiet Hours 6am – 11:59am (no amplified sound)

  • If you have an amplified sound system you must register as a Theme Camp and be placed by City Planning.
  • After 10pm all sound must be under 80 decibels at 50ft from the noise producing object.
  • We will have roving sound marshals monitoring and enforcing the sound policy.

Our sound policy helps ensure the event and relationships are not jeopardized by sound complaints. Rangers will also help prevent any and all violations to the sound policy as necessary, under the provisions and the guidance of the FreezerBurn Board. Unless otherwise indicated on the theme camp registration list, camp leads will be responsible for ensuring that amplified sound is operated in accordance with the Board guidelines (which may change as needed to ensure potential liabilities are mitigated). Three strike rule, enforced by the Board. In case of emergency, theme camps may be asked to turn off their sound and assist with emergency broadcasting.


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