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2017 Theme Camp List


We are pleased to announce that placement registration for FZBTX 2018 is now officially open through November 19th, 2017! Thanks to those camps that have been with us through the years and watched our city grow!!

Pro-tip: write your entries in a separate document that you can refer to, in case something goes wrong with the form. You should see a Thank You message at the top of the form window when you successfully submit. If you have any issues with the form, try resubmitting using a different browser or contact placement-lead[at]fzbtx[dot]com.


This year we are expecting more camps than ever, and our city is expected to grow! This is good news, but will also require your patience as we adjust to the demand for land. We will make every effort to work with each camp to ensure smooth placement, just be sure to be specific as possible when filling out your requests. So get your theme camp out, find all the fire pits, and hike around the 101.5 acres of magical woodlands.

City Events Submission

Do you have planned activities at your camp? If so, please register your events on the FZBTX Events Schedule so we can compile and share this information with the community! Go HERE to review current responses.

City Planning

City Planning Area Facilitator: Waldo – odlaw[at]artisinformation[dot]com
Placement Lead: Rltvty – placement-lead[at]fzbtx[dot]com
Theme Camp Liaison: SeanS.
Greeters: Liz Creme / TBD
Signs: Juggernaut
Zone Czar: MaxineB.
Parking Czar: Needed!
GIS Support: JustMonk, D474
Art Map: ElonGated

City Policies and Guidance

Early Entry: Information on Theme Camp Early Entry will be announced closer to the event. Theme Camp leads may submit up to 5 names for early entry, so start getting your list ready. The placement lead will be in contact with each Theme Camp lead.

Fires: All Fires and/or fire activities will need to be registered with the FZB Safety department, or risk ejection from the event. You are permitted to burn natural wood only and at least one representative must keep the fire in safe operation parameters at all times; i.e. UNDER 3ft in diameter, unless you have been otherwise cleared. Most camp areas come equipped with a nearby fire pit. If you do not have a fire pit, chances are your neighbor does, so make some new friends! Treated wood or other materials may NOT be burned. Again, ensure you attend to fires at ALL times, with no exceptions. Combustibles must be placed at least 15 feet from any fire pits, have a fire extinguisher or water available at all times, if the smoke or odor emission becomes offensive or objectionable, you will be required to extinguish the fire.

Cars and RVs: Participants will not be permitted to park in non-designated parking areas. Car and RV parking is permitted only in designated areas, unless you have been otherwise pre-approved by city planning and/or the FZB LLC.

  1. All vehicles have 2 hours to unload and park (cars will be marked at greeters with time and location)
  2. Cars and RV’s must camp in areas designated as such if not pre-approved as infrastructure
  3. All vehicles that look like art, cease to be recognized as vehicles (don’t just throw a tarp over your car and expect that to pass)

***There will be a limited amount of space for car and RV camping due to recent water saturation. Even if the land looks dry, it can still be rather squishy. RVs may end up having to camp in the designated parking areas (which is on higher ground). If you end up deciding to bring your RV, please ensure you coordinate with the on-site placement/parking teams. They will have the most up to date information about the land conditions and parking availability.

Parking and Car Camping: All you need to know about parking and car camping is in THIS LETTER from the LLC.

Sound Policy: We know you like loud noises, but after 10pm all sound must be under 80 decibels at 50ft from the noise producing object. We will have roving sound marshals monitoring and enforcing the sound policy. This is to ensure the event and relationships are not jeopardized by sound complaints. Rangers will also help prevent any and all violations to the sound policy as necessary, under the provisions and the guidance of the Freezerburn LLC. Unless otherwise indicated on the theme camp registration list, camp leads will be responsible for ensuring that amplified sound is operated in accordance with the LLC guidelines (which may change as needed to ensure potential liabilities are mitigated).