About the IGLOO Advisory Council

The IGLOO is an advisory committee to the Artful Endeavors LLC to facilitate community discussions, transparency for the policy-making process and organization of FreezerBurn.

To make it clear what this means, the following terms have specific meaning to our organizational body:

  • Advisory: The IGLOO is not a policy making body, but advises the LLC on policies for the event. The LLC has final decision making authority for all policies that affect events sponsored by Frozen Art Collective, LLC.
  • Community Input: The IGLOO is focused on gathering objective and factual community input to aid the LLC in decision making.
  • Facilitate: The IGLOO facilitates communication with the community, but is not the only avenue for communication. The IGLOO will proactively seek communication on issues that have been identified (by the LLC, the IGLOO, or the community at large) as needing community input.
  • Transparency: The IGLOO makes a commitment to conduct itself as an open-book organization, providing meeting minutes, documentation for its recommendations to the LLC, open meetings, and clear communication about the policy making process and its results.
  • Burn Community Events: Events specifically sponsored by Artful Endeavors, LLC.

Some of the things the IGLOO is not:

  1. The IGLOO is not a group of managers for the volunteers. The IGLOO is composed of community members who may have roles as volunteer leads or volunteers at events in addition to being a member of the IGLOO.
  2. The IGLOO is not a policy making body. The LLC is the final authority on policy related to events. The IGLOO advises on these policies.
  3. The IGLOO is not the only way to communicate to the LLC or the volunteer leads. Anyone in our community is welcome to communicate with the LLC or anyone else in the organization.
  4. The IGLOO is not a black box. Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings. We will run these meetings in an open format that will give people time to speak and address issues. The only requirement is to ask for scheduled time if you intend to address a specific issue.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Thank you,