About FZB


FreezerBurn Texas is a Central Texas winter regional arts festival and community experiment. 2017 will be our ninth year, and this year’s theme is “Frost in Space!”

Art, child, and General tickets are now on sale!!.Ā Only 200 art tickets ($90, including a $20 donation to event art projects) are sold.General tickets are $70, but really, why wouldn’t you want to support the art šŸ˜‰ Attendance is capped, and tickets do sell out.

FreezerBurn is powered by volunteers. Volunteers like you! Tell us you’re interested in helping out.

The 2017 Survival Guide is forthcoming. For reference, see the OLD 2016 guide.

Want to talk? Check out our Facebook community.



If you are looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta – Canadian Regional BurnĀ then their website is here –Ā http://www.freezerburn.org. We are not associated with that event but we have common values and names.