About FZB


Here you will find details about FreezerBurn Texas, the Central Texas Winter Burn. It is now our 7th year!  If you are new to the Burn community, you should read below very carefully and definitely read the entire Survival Guide.

FreezerBurn Texas 2015 Survival Guide is HERE!

Open Group for Discussion: http://www.facebook.com/groups/freezerburntx

Welcome to the City of FireFrost!
Runner Up: DISCOver DISCOrdia

SPIRIT HAVEN WOODS:  JAN. 16 – 19, 2015
9706 Anchor Ranch Loop, Flatonia Tx. 78941

Ticket Window: October 13 – December 13, 2014
Ticket Price: $50+service fees
All Tickets Will Be Pre-Sale, Will-Call Tickets Only. Tickets are currently SOLD OUT.

Work Weekends (aka workends):
Friday, November 7 – Sunday, November 9, 2014 CANCELLED!
Friday, December 12 – Sunday, December 14, 2014
Friday, January 2 – Sunday, January 4, 2014


Theme Camp Registration is NOW OPEN:

1) FreezerBurn Texas is a local arts and music festival *now* located in Flatonia where art, music, food, self-expression and entertainment are brought by the participants, where volunteers come together to create art, performances and to experiment in temporary communities. It is a private camping event held on private property.

2) At FreezerBurn Texas personal responsibility is key. There are no GARBAGE CANS. This is a Leave No Trace event, if you bring it in, you take it out. NO EXCEPTIONS. Expect to be reminded not to litter and to take your trash and recycling with you. Radical-Self-Reliance!

3) Radical Self Reliance is a concept in our community that promotes strong self-awareness and being prepared in all the ways that are particular to you such that you are not relying on anyone else for anything. Discover, exercise and rely on your inner resources.

4) There are no concession stands, vending or retail transactions on the camp grounds. ICE is the only thing we really need and it is sold around noon every day at the pavilion. FreezerBurn Texas implements a gift-economy. If you need something, ask for it. If you have something to give, gift it. It’s not about bartering, it’s about gifting and receiving. Be sure to bring whatever you think you might need for camping outdoors for a weekend in January.

5) Weapons, firearms, tasers, fireworks, and all other explosives prohibited. Aggressive or violent behavior will not be welcomed openly and may lead to dismissal from the property. Theft of any kind by participants will lead to dismissal. Auto-dis-qualification.

6) PET DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Only required service dogs are allowed into the event. Service dogs must have their own leash and remain on it at all times, no exceptions. This is due to multiple years of us having more dog problems than human problems. Owners not following the rules will be asked to leave the event.

7) If you are fearing the cold, remember that there will be places to stay warm. 4′ camp fires are allowed in designated fire circles. Above ground fires are allowed provided ALL ashes are deposited in fire circles.

8) If you are looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta – Canadian Regional Burn then their website is here – http://www.freezerburn.org. We are not associated with that event but we have common values and names.