FreezerBurn Texas is a Central Texas winter regional arts event and community experiment. 2020 was our twelfth year, and the theme for our January event was Rudder Chaos! Our 2021 event is canceled, but we in the process of organizing a drive-through art event. See below for more details. 

January 2021 update:

Our drive-through art event is now Feb. 12-14. Get all the details and find out how to get your tickets at

December 2020 update:

Got art but nowhere to show it off? Or maybe it’s just in your head, and you need a reason to sit down and make the thing? Then click on this fancy form and apply to have your art piece displayed in the Art Expedition! 

Art Expedition will take place on MLK Day weekend (traditionally FreezerBurn weekend) on the same property as FreezerBurn 2020. Drive in, and leisurely peruse all the wonderful burner art along the road from the comfort of your car! It’s a distanced event, so no leaving your car except to use the portos. We’ll only be letting in a small number of cars at a time, so you’ll have plenty of space to safely view the art. It’ll be a great and safe way to get out of the house for a while and see what your fellow burners have been up to! 🙂

Tell us more about your art here:

November 2020 update:

We’re back with good news. Bastrop County approved our January drive-through event.

At Valkryie Ranch, you’ll be able to view large scale art pieces from your vehicle on the evenings of January 15, 16 and 17. Our outdoor art event will be focused on physically-distancing and adhering to COVID safety protocols. Capacity will be strictly limited.

If you are an artist or performer who is interested in participating, we want to hear from you. Please reach out.

We’re also cooking up some surprises that we’re pretty excited about. Stay tuned to learn more in the coming weeks.

For folks who have bought tickets to the next FreezerBurn to help support art and artists in the meantime, we will also have a few thank you surprises.

This event is not FreezerBurn. But, in a world turned upside down, we’re ecstatic to be able to put some event together for MLK Day weekend.

September 2020 update:

We are canceling FreezerBurn 2021. We hope that the next FreezerBurn will be in January 2022.

Art ticket sales to the next FreezerBurn are still open, and they’ll remain open. The reason we’re leaving art ticket sales open is the reason we opened them in the first place. We want to support art and artists in this challenging time.

Art grants are open now. Apply before Sept. 30 and be sure to include an artist’s fee if it would help you get through the lean times. 

We are still exploring the possibility of a distancing-oriented, drive-through event on land on that same weekend we would have had held FreezerBurn in January to feature the art that we’re funding this fall. 

We are also exploring how to repurpose Hypothermia, our normal pre-event safety training, into a virtual event to help spread burner skills that are relevant to the world we live in right now. 

August 2020 update:

Full art grant application details are now available.

July 2020 update:

Art tickets are now live on the Quicket site. These special edition tickets cost $170, doubling the art donation per ticket to $80.

Art grant applications are currently open and will be considered on a rolling basis. We will be prioritizing funding art that will be shown at art safaris in our default world communities as well as at our next FreezerBurn.

June 2020 update:

Art grant information can be found on our art page.

You can donate to our Art Fund on PayPal.

Want to talk? Check out our Facebook community.

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Oh, and if you happen to be looking for the FreezerBurn Alberta, a Canadian Regional Burn: Their website is at We are not associated with that event, but we have common values and names. It’s a small world, after all.